QS Guide To Dogs Video 3:

What is an actual medical emergency?
The 15 most common medical dog emergencies.

In this video I will show you when your dog is having a medical emergency and you need to go to the vet NOW and not wait untill tomorow. Always call the vet first so he/she can tell you more and so you know they have time and space to help you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✅ The basic signs that your dog might be having a big problem.

✅ The 15 most common medical dog emergencies.

✅ And so much more!

Your Action Steps: 

Step 1: If you life not too far from our practice (Aalst, Belgium), go ahead and make your appointment, we’d love to have you!

Step 2: Check out my book: “Choose your pet like a vet”

I wrote a book about buying/adopting a dog: Choose Your Pet Like A Vet! Dogs.

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